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RBC’s 6/30/21 update on plans for activities at the church

RBC Family:

We implemented Phase 4 of the reopening plan for RBC on June 13 with a number of significant changes from earlier phases.  We plan to implement additional changes on July 4.  With the implementation of these additional changes, we are even closer to a return to how we conducted activities prior to the start of the pandemic.

Below are the specifics of the changes we plan to take effect on Sunday, July 4:

  • [not a change, but a reminder] All Sunday school will start at 9:45 am
  • Resume the coffee service before Sunday school
  • Adult Sunday school will return to the fellowship hall
  • Resume having greeters prior to the service
  • Praise songs will return to the first part of the service

The earlier Phase 4 changes, that were implemented starting on June 13, are provided below.  Some of those plans are updated by these latest changes, particularly a few of the items previously kept constant.


RBC Family:

We plan to start Phase 4 of the reopening plan on June 13.  

Phase 4 is a significant change from earlier phases.  It is a near return to how we conducted activities prior to the start of the pandemic.

Below are the specifics of our plans for conducting activities at the church starting on June 13.

  1. We are discontinuing all the current guidelines established to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  2. We plan to keep constant for now:
    1. the current seating configuration in the auditorium;
    2. the location of adult Sunday school – in the auditorium;
    3. the sequence of the worship service with the praise songs at the end;
    4. communion will use the sealed pre-filled cups (with those delicious wafers).
  3. Individuals are welcome to wear a mask based on their own preferences.
  4. Sunday school for all ages will start at 9:45 am for a 45-minute period.
  5. No expectation for children and youth to wear masks during Sunday school.
  6. The children and youth may sing during Sunday school as desired by the teachers.
  7. We will still provide individuals the opportunity to leave the auditorium before starting the praise songs.
  8. After the service, the wear of masks is no longer expected during the time of fellowship.
  9. The water fountain will be uncovered and available for general use.
  10. We are not planning for any additional disinfecting protocols.

The in-person worship service will continue to start at 10:45 am, with no livestream of the service on Sunday.  However, we continue to post an audio of the sermon on the church’s website on Sunday.

Prayer Meeting by Zoom 
Join us on Wednesday, July 28, at 7:00 pm as a way to share time in the Word and praises and prayers.
We will start Sunday school on August 1 starting at 9:45 am, for children, youth, and adults.  Adult Sunday school will meet in the fellowship hall.  We will conduct an in-person worship service starting at 10:45 am.  There will not be a livestream of the service.  However, an audio recording of the sermon will be posted on the website after the service.
Men’s Prayer Breakfast • Men are invited to join together for fellowship and prayer on Friday, August 6 at 7:00 am at Goodwil’s Restaurant in Montandon.

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